Dating is not an easy task, especially if you are planning for your first date. You need to think of the best clothes to wear, a beautiful place to meet, how you need to behave, and the questions to ask. With some many items in your head, you can quickly ruin one of your best moments. There are a lot of legit sites for hookups that provide you with great dating tips. But nothing can be compared to the dating tips for men by a woman.

Top 7 dating-tips for men – by a woman

Be confident

Most men are not aware that confidence wins a woman. If you are shy, she will feel like you are not a real gentleman. Keep in mind that all women need a man who can protect and provide for them. You might not be tall and handsome, but if you are confident, you are more to her than the tall, dark men you know.

The first impression is vital

Your lovely Jersey might be your best, but it is essential to know that the first impression is critical. Do not pretend to be someone but the appearance is always the key. Getting shaved, having a nice roll-on, and putting on some nice clothes will get into a fantastic start.

Choose a place you will feel comfortable

If she wants you to pick a place for your date, make sure you select a place that you will feel comfortable. It will help you ask or answer questions the right way. Even though it is wise to avoid normal joints, do not choose an uncomfortable place.

Avoid your conversation about your EX

Some men do not know that talking about the EX is a risky subject. Whether she asks you or not, do not spend time on that issue. It is good to show her that the past is history and that you would like to spend your time knowing her and not your EX.

Make the conversation fun

One of the best ways to win a lady is to make her laugh. Therefore, do not get into a serious conversation on your first date. Have some fun, make jokes, and let her enjoy your company. Even though you may need to be serious, it is not on the first date.

Turn off your phone

One of the annoying things that can turn a good date into a nightmare is the phone. Since you want to spend quality time with your friend, turn the phone off. Do not put it on vibration or silent modes, turn it off completely. If she learns that you have turned the phone off for her, you will appreciate you.

Do not do all the talk

On the first date, do not talk much. If the goes turn to be successful, you will have time to talk and share all your stories. Listening is critical and it shows you are interested in her. These are some of the top-dating tips for men by a woman. By following them, you will have the confidence to face impress any woman in the first date.

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